TunesFix - Using iTunes Dark Mode

If you’re tired of the bluish look of iTunes and want a dark alternative, you should try using iTunes’ Dark Mode. It’s a very nice feature, and you’ll probably find yourself using it more often. If you have a Mac or PC and want to experience the same look as your favorite iTunes videos, you can use TunesFix to enable the dark mode on your PC or Mac. Here are a few tips for using iTunes’ Dark Style on your Mac or PC.

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can use the same trick for your computer. If you’re using iTunes on your PC, you can select the dark theme from the settings menu, and select the “dark” option to make your phone look darker. If you’re on a laptop or tablet, the dark theme is not recommended for you. It’s also not recommended for desktop computers. However, it can be useful for those who want to use iTunes for work and don’t want to be bothered by the bright display.

Available on Mac PC

While you may find that this feature is available only on Mac PCs, it’s still worth checking if you’re able to find it on your PC. On Mac PCs, you can find it in the system preferences, under the appearance tab. If you’re using iTunes on a Windows PC, you can do the same thing. To activate the dark mode on your PC, go to the “appearance” section and click “Appearance” to change your iTunes interface’s look.

Once you’ve installed iTunes, you can access the settings to enable the dark theme. Just make sure you have the latest version of MAC OS. This is crucial because the dark theme will disable the brightness and interfere with your ability to work productively. Besides, it will make your iTunes experience a lot more comfortable to use. There are also other benefits to the dark theme, including the reduction in eye strain and risk of sleeping disorders.

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Betters the Look Of Computer

The dark theme is an excellent way to improve the overall look of your computer. It will make the iTunes interface appear more appealing and increase your productivity. It also reduces the risk of eyestrain and can prevent sleep problems. You can find dark themes for iTunes on your computer by searching for ‘dark’ in the app’s personalization section. This is an easy way to enable the dark theme on your PC. You don’t have to install additional software to use the dark theme on your Mac.

You can also enable iTunes’s Dark Mode to make your media library and menu bar dark. If you use iTunes regularly, make sure to activate it. Using a computer at night can lead to eye strain and sleep problems. The bright screen can also confuse your brain, so it is important to avoid it. Aside from improving your eyesight, this feature can also improve your mood and help you relax. This feature is free and available online.

Using iTunes App

You can enable iTunes’s Dark Mode by using the iTunes app on your PC. You can enable iTunes’s dark mode in the system preferences. It’s best to use the app’s dark mode at night when your eyes are most vulnerable to fatigue. The dark background also reduces the stress caused by bright screens. It’s also a great option for people who need to listen to music at work. You can turn on iTunes’s DarkMode feature by choosing the application’s dark theme.

To enable the dark mode on your PC, you can change the system’s background color. If you want to keep the white background on your Mac, you can try setting the iTunes menu bar’s color to blue. The dark theme on your Mac’s desktop will make the fonts and text in your Mac’s iTunes interface darker. Moreover, the dark theme is good for the eyes as it reduces blue light, which contributes to eye strain and sleep problems.


Using iTunes dark mode will give your Mac a brand new look. The interface will be black and white, while the fonts and background will be gray. In addition to being more efficient, the dark theme will reduce the amount of blue light, which can cause eye strain and sleep issues. You can also choose to use a different screen saver, which is an option that can help you save the screen. If you have a Mac, you can turn the Screen Saver on your Mac to save battery power.

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