How to Wear Black and Gold Heels?

A black dress with gold-colored heels will add some sex to your outfit. A pair of strappy black shoes is a classic choice for a sexy and feminine look. FSJ sells an endless supply of gorgeous gold and silver shoes in every style and price range. For a more traditional look, pair your gold-colored heels with a dark-colored skirt. You’ll never go wrong with this combination.

A black sweater is the perfect match for your gold-hued heels. A pair of white jeans and a trench coat will give you an equally cool look. A grey hoodie goes well with either a gold or a black pair of gold-colored sneakers. A white dress with gold-hued shoes will make you look slimmer. A polka dot mini dress will look fun and sexy.

A grey sleeveless mini bodycon dress will give you a sophisticated look. Wear a pair of gold ankle-strapped sandals to complete the ensemble. The white lace blouse goes well with either a black or a gold platform shoe. This combination of black and gold can make a simple outfit look elegant and sophisticated. You can pair it with a gold-studded clutch bag and a pair of golden pumps.

Black and gold mini dress makes a statement

A black and gold mini dress makes a statement. A blush pink knit sweater with high-heeled gold metallic ankle strap heels will add an artistic touch to your outfit. Another option is to wear a ripped knee skinny dress with a pair of black and gold low-top sneakers. If you’re going for a more classic look, try a thigh-high bootie. The combination of black and gold flats and shoes will complete the artistic look.

A pair of gold platform shoes with a black chiffon midi dress makes a classic combo. A black off-the-shoulder top and a pair of strappy sandals are a low-key and classy combo. A black leather blazer is also a stylish option for a sultry look. The gold-studded shoes look great with a pair of jeans.

Black and gold heels can be paired with a white mini dress or with a black hoodie. An interesting trench coat makes an outfit more exciting. Alternatively, you can wear a white platform shoe with a gold platform heel. A white dress is an excellent choice to go with these shoes. Both of these pairs are elegant and classy, so you can wear them for any special occasion. The only downside to wearing gold heels is that they can be very flashy and can make you feel out of place.

Black and gold heels can also make a sleek look more feminine

Black and gold heels can also make a sleek look more feminine. A black chunky crew neck pullover sweater paired with a white pair of skinny jeans can give a sophisticated look to an otherwise unremarkable outfit. Moreover, they are a great choice for casual evening hangouts. Besides, the combination is always a classic choice. Whether you want to look classy or go for an evening out, the gold platform heels can help you slenderize.

For a sexy business casual look, a black and gold printed leather clutch bag and a gold-toned metallic ankle boots are a great choice. This outfit can add a touch of roughness to your look without looking too shabby. Finally, a pair of black and golden pointy-toe pumps will make your ensemble chic. If you are wondering how to pair black and gold heels with a white lace blouse, a white lace top, and a black and gold-toned mini flowy chiffon skirt will do the trick.

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